Monday, August 29, 2011


Ok so I totally forgot to put this in the last post... but it is SOOOO important I thought it needed its own post rather than updating the other.... 


He won with over 5500 comments on his picture! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who commented and helped us out. WE (well me Candace and her bridesmaids) won a free bridal luncheon at Heartwood Hall valued over $1000!!!! 

There is officially less than 8 months until the wedding and we CAN NOT WAIT and are SUPER EXCITED- hope you all are as well! 

Rewind... Here's what has been going on...

Sorry to have disappeared for a bit but heres what has been happening :)

Our free gift for attending!!!
So the last updates were while we were on the way to Austin. For those who do not know... we went to Austin for two reasons: to have a little vacay and most importantly for Potter-A-Thon. It was absolutely amazing. Potter-A-Thon was held at the infamous Alamo Drafthouse beginning at 3am Thursday morning. All previous 7 movies were played consecutively with HP7.2 starting at midnight!!! This equaled about 24 hours of Harry Potter. It could not have been better. The theater was clean and comfy. They allowed us to bring pillows, blankets, or whatever we wanted to be comfortable. This theatre is also equip with a Full kitchen/bar and each theater had servers that would bring you basically whatever you wanted. We can not get over how nice and organized the event was... honestly we kinda so not want to go to the theaters in Memphis now : /  

My Breakfast Pizza- DELISH!!!!

After Potter-A-Thon we got to spend some time in the city. We went to UT Austin, the Capital, and 7th and a lot of other places. We also drove up to Lake Travis on night and enjoyed the sunset over the lake. It was a much needed and great trip! 

Let's see.... Oh I know!!!!! Candace got Josh and her into the early access/beta for Pottermore... see Candace is magical!!!!! hehe

Then Candace and her family went to Michigan City/Indianapolis to see Lawrence,her brother, compete in finals. See he did this thing called DCI and its marching band on steroids... or "Marching Bands Major  League" as they like to call it. Complete craziness. He basically lived on a charter bus or in a gymnasium all summer and marched. The Open Class Corps Finals (kinda the minor league I guess....) had finals in Michigan City and were also allowed to compete in Indianapolis at World Class Finals. One of Candace's bridesmaids, Amanda, is also very into DCI having marched both a open class corp then on to  the world class corp Carolina Crown where she aged out (went alum so to say...) and then went onto being assistant tour manager this season... Finals week consisted of open class prelims (which were rained out) open class finals, world class prelims, world class semifinals, and world class finals. At the end of the week all the Corps that made it into finals all came onto the field-too many to even get on camera... it was really cool: 

And that is about it up until now... We have so many more pictures I would love to share with you guys except they are all on Candace's computer which decided to crash :(  hopefully they will be able to pull the pictures off and as soon as everything is fixed we will post!!!!

Till next time which should be sooner than later :)