Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Final Count Down!

I always make excuses as to why we do not post much... but no more excuses. We are going to try to post something everyday up to the wedding. t-minus 31 days.

Today I thought it would be a fun idea to post a few of our RSVP responses. I searched and searched for the madlib rsvp idea and did not come up with many pictures or ideas. Well we went ahead with the idea anyway and could not be happier. Here are a few:

Super excited to have fun advice from family and we will be able to save it in a scrapbook!-

Grandmother of Bride
Great-grandparents of Bride
Mother of the Groom 
Grandparents of Groom 
Grandparents of Groom 
Here are some sweet ones from friends-

Groomsman & wife
Friend of Bride
Friend of Bride
Then there are the weird ones-
The interesting ones....

Friend of Bride

Friend of Bride
Then the ones with a secret message-
Friend of Groom