Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's Review

Hi all,

Well here we are, already less than a year until the wedding. In planning, we stumbled across various sites that allow you to do a wedding website, but we thought that wasn't quite us. So here we are! :) We figure that this blog is something that we can use not only as our 'wedding website' to keep family and friends up-to-date with plans, events, and registries but also just to show you us. Another plus is that we can keep this up for years!

So, with this being the first post we figured we would hit the highlights, talk about us, what we do and how we got into doing it.

It started back 2009 when we both worked at ExcelleRx. Things started kinda slow and hidden (or so we would like to think... we're sure almost everyone there knew.) Well as you assume things progressed. Movies, Dates, out with friends, etc...

Within a few months Christmas Season rolled around and we decided to have some fun and try our hand at building a Gingerbread house. Josh found a book that gave details and plans to build some extravagant houses, but we decided we better start small. Well, we did finish, but it was by no means a masterpiece.

New Years 2010 came and went just as any other...  

Fast forward a few months to April 2010. This is where we meet our first large challenge. It all started after a day of hard yard work. The laundry was in the wash, dinner finished, and everything seemed to be alright.... until we heard water backing up and overflowing in the bathroom. After hours of thinking it was a clog and trying to fix the problem ourselves,  we had no choice but to call the plumber. No good news here. The clay sewer line from 1941 had collapsed. The water line was conveniently located directly on top so both were torn up and replaced. Leaving the yard... wait just dirt... Fortunately we were able to completely re-do the entire front yard. In 2008 the house looked like this:
                                                                                                Post replaced pipes:

From this we learned that we actually like to garden and can actually keep it alive!

Most of our spring and summer were spent adding plants and babying them due to the extreme heat and a slug infestation- thanks mom :) Once fall rolled around, we spent the majority of our weekends out in Munford at football games and at Band Competitions.

This lasted until the BEST time of year= Christmas!!! With this being our 2nd Christmas together, we got a little more into it... ok, ok... a LOT! We decided to give a larger Gingerbread House a try and EVERYTHING was decorated:  

We also visited ICE for the 2nd year as well as their new exhibit SNOW and the Opryland Hotel

This basically catches everyone up to now... oh wait, except the important part... Well we had been talking about getting married for a little bit and spending Christmas with both families assured us that is was right! We had some visits to jewelry stores and when finally narrowing it down to three possibilities, we go back for the 3rd day in a row and get the ring. there was no super mushy romantic proposal, but it worked out. It was us. It was a mutual decision and wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I mean thats what its about after all right?!? Planning the wedding thus far has been a breeze and we can not wait to show you some sneak peeks here soon!

Josh & Candace 

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