Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Releasing the Registries!!!

First off- WOW! We are so sorry that it has been nearly 2 months since our last post. Oh how the time flies and we are sure it will only go by faster from here on. We are nearing our 6 month countdown and have had some questions about our registries so.... here you are! We are officially registered at Dillard's; Bed Bath and Beyond; and Something Special in Covington, TN.  The Dillard's and BBB registries have our cookware, china, and a lot of other items. Something Special in Covington is who we used exclusively for our dishes and some everyday items; they will carry our china/silver patterns as well! While you can not order online from there, they will be happy to take orders and payments over the phone :)

Hope this helps and just let us know if you have any questions!!!

Something Special: 901-475-4477

just search for Josh's or my name, or it is Registry#: 125323154

just search for Josh's or my name, or it is Registry #: 12326324

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